Beantown Soft Tip Dart League



Article I Name Article IX Meetings
Article II Definitions Article X Elections
Article III Objectives Article XI General
Article IV Fees and Dues Article XII Contracts and Agreements
Article V Membership Article XIII Expenses
Article VI The Board Article XIV Policy
Article VII Board Duties/Quorum Article XV Remuneration of Officers
Article VIII Duties of the officers.  

Article I


  The Name of the organization shall be Beantown Soft Tip Dart League

Article II




  1. Whenever the initials "BSDL" are used in these bylaws, they shall mean Beantown Soft Tip Dart League
  2. Whenever the word "commissioner" is used in these bylaws it shall mean the individual who runs and operates the league.
    1. The commissioner is the person who acts as the main person responsible for the league's operations. ( see Article VIII )
  3. Whenever the word "Board" is used in these bylaws, it shall mean the body of elected officials described in Article VI, section 1.
  4. Whenever the word "sponsor" is used in these bylaws, it shall mean an entity sponsoring a participating team, location, or the league itself in the BSDL.
  5. Whenever the term "neutral" is used in these bylaws, it shall mean a person or place not involved in the team, location, or division under discussion.
  6. Whenever the word "general member" is used in these bylaws, it shall mean a league member other than a board member.
  7. Whenever the term "member captain" is used in these bylaws, it shall mean a person who is either captain-elect of a member team of the BSDL or a representative thereof.
  8. Whenever the word "committee" is used in these bylaws, it shall mean a group of member captains, and league commissioner of the BSDL.

Article III




  1. The objectives of the BSDL shall be to promote darting, coordinate the functions and activities of darts, and sanction league play according to rules in effect, as well as establish friendly relations with other sport organizations.

Article IV

Fees and Dues



  1. General membership and sponsorship fees shall be established and may be revised by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the general members present.
  2. Fees, if any, for BSDL sponsored activities shall be established by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the general members present.
  3. General membership and sponsoring fees shall be applicable to the period established at members' meetings, and be payable according to the rules. An application of general membership or sponsorship shall be considered to be properly registered as a member when, within the current policies, the application or appropriate fees have been received and approved by a simple majority of the board.
  4. General membership and sponsorship fees shall be applicable each season. General members and sponsors failing to submit their fees on or before the announced time of registration deadline will not be scheduled or allowed to participate in league-sponsored events. In the event a check is returned by our bank for any reason, payment must be made in cash or certified check, plus a twenty-five (25) dollar service charge within seven (7) days to the Treasurer. Failure to do so will result in suspension of the team or individual involved.
  5. Any general member found guilty of conduct unbecoming a gentleman or lady, as the case may be, may be fined or suspended for said offense by the conducting board member for said offense with the consent of the league commissioner.
  6. Team membership requires a minimum of 4 players per team. Not all 4 members have to be present every week.

Article V




  1. Application for general membership is open to anyone who expresses interest in darts as a sport, and is twenty-one (21) years of age or older.
  2. Application for sponsorship is open to all organizations expressing an interest in darts as a sport, and is encouraged by the BSDL
  3. All members are subject to approval by a simple majority vote of the general members.
  4. A member may be terminated by a simple majority vote of the board is such member creates or behaves in a manner which is prejudicial to order and discipline. The decision on such matters will be handled by the board.

Article VI

The Board



  1. The board shall be comprised of at least four (4) persons, but not more than ten (10) persons, which shall include the Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Treasurer, Secretary, team captains, sponsor representatives and up to four (4) additional members.
  2. A board vacancy must be filled no later than the next scheduled regular board meeting, following the creation of the vacancy, and will be filled by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the board members present.
  3. Once the league is sufficiently secured and more than forty (40) general members are present, a new general election shall take place. This general election shall vote into office the following positions, 1) Commissioner, 2) Secretary, 3) Treasurer, 4) Assistant Commissioner. These positions shall be filled by a current standing member, and all persons interested shall provide their names before the end of the current season for a general election at the league banquet. Any person within the league can run for office.    
  4. Board members will be removed only once they are, 1) no longer team 
    Captain, 2) no longer a member of the league, or 3) have been removed by majority vote for an offense.
  5. Members of the board may resign from office at any time during their term of office by submitting an oral or written notice to that effect, to the remaining members of the general board. Such resignation shall be in effect immediately upon receipt.
  6. Upon receipt of resignation by a board member, the commissioner shall take over responsibility of that member’s duties till such a time an election can be held to fill that vacancy cause by that member's resignation. This not include the duty of captain.
  7. No member connected with sponsorship or works for a sponsoring company that serves on the board can manipulate the board in any way or fashion for that sponsor or workplace. The reason for this is to make sure the BSDL will stay a fun and enjoyable league. (Refer to Article III, section 2)
  8. The term of office for the BSDL executive director and officers, comprised of commissioner, secretary, assistant commissioner and treasurer shall be two (2) years. Term of office shall commence one (1) week from date of election.

Article VII

Board Duties/Quorum



  1. The board must meet at least once every month. The commissioner will determine the meeting's date, time, and location. Attendance shall be in full unless a written notice of excuse or substitute is received at least three (3) days prior to the meeting.
  2. Board meetings shall have a time limit of two (2) hours, from the time the meeting is called to order. A maximum of fifteen (15) minutes may be allowed for the purpose of completing a point in the discussion.
  3. Seventy-five (75) percent of the board members present shall constitute a quorum. In absence of the commissioner, the senior board member shall act as chairman of the meeting.

Article VIII

Duties of the officers.



  1. Commissioner: The commissioner shall preside at all of the BSDL meetings, unless excused by a NO vote Proviso (refer to Section 9). He/ she may vote only to make or break a tie. His/ her signature will act as one (1) of the two (2) valid signatures on the league checking account and savings accounts. Until at such time of general election, when enough general members require it, he/ she shall decide all questions of order and sign all orders for sums of money ordered by the league to be paid. He/ she will appoint all committees unless otherwise ordered. He/ she shall enforce rules when needed, preside over disputes, and determine needs of the BSDL. He/ she shall be the only ranking member with all duties described in this article until such a time as the league grows and requires more than one individual to run and operate the BSDL, without a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of all general members, on all matters within the league.
  2. Team captains: Team captains shall attend all meetings determined to be in the league's best interest. Team captains shall be responsible for his/ her team's conduct, and attendance within the league. Team captains will make sure that their team knows and understands the league rules. Until such a time is required, the team captains will make up the board of the BSDL
  3. Assistant Commissioner: The Assistant Commissioner (when posted) shall assist the commissioner in maintaining the efficiency of the operation of the league. And in absence of the commissioner, the assistant commissioner shall exercise the duties of the commissioner.
  4. Should the commissioner and assistant commissioner take leave of office, the senior board member shall assume the duties of the commissioner, until such a time a general election can be held.
  5. Secretary: The secretary (when posted) shall notify members of elections, issue notices of meetings, conduct the correspondence of the BSDL and perform such other duties as from time to time may be imposed on him/ her. At the expiration of term of office, the secretary will turn over all league-related items to his/ her successor. The secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings and shall be a voting member of the board.
  6. Treasurer: The treasurer (when one is posted) shall receive and maintain custody of all monies received. He/ she shall keep a correct account thereof and pay all properly drawn orders. He/ she shall be responsible for the collection of all fees, dues, and fines from the BSDL members, and shall be required to submit a quarterly treasurer's report. His/ Her signature will be one (1) of two (2) valid signatures on the BSDL checking and savings accounts. The treasurer, at the direction of the Board, shall submit the books for annual audit at the end of the fiscal year (August). The Board shall conduct the audit review and submit their findings to the league. When appointed the treasurer shall sign a promise letter to uphold the league funds and not misuse those funds for any purpose than the BSDL.
  7. All checks issued by the BSDL must be approved by the Board, by the two authorized board members and the commissioner.
  8. Board Members: Board Members, together with board officers, shall have and exercise a general supervision of the affairs of the BSDL and shall control and manage its properties and effects. Board members shall assist in the administration of the league policies and provide and enforce penalties for infractions committed by league members. No one member of the league is immune, which is to include all officers.
  9. No Vote Proviso: No board member may vote on operational procedure or protests talking place in a darting establishment which he/ she usually frequents, works for or possesses a financial interest.

Article IX




  1. Board meetings: such meetings shall be comprised of board members only, and subject to the provisions set forth in Article VIII.
  2. Protest Meetings: Such meetings shall be subject to the discretion of the league commissioner, and rules currently in effect.
  3. Captains Meetings: Meetings of once a month will be mandatory. Such meetings must be announced by e-mail, or the league's newsletter and web site to all captains at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting date.
  4. Special General Meetings: Such meetings may be called for, by petition, by a league member and for a specific purpose only. The specific purpose must be in writing and must be signed by at least four (4) members of the BSDL in good standing order. No other business will be discussed at such a meeting. The board must announce the date and time, and location for said meeting no later than fifteen (15) days after receiving the petition. The no vote proviso as described in Article VIII section 9 shall apply to all members attending the special general meeting.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, all meetings shall be called at the discretion of the league commissioner.
  6. Unless otherwise specified, meeting announcements must be e-mailed or posted on the league's newsletter and web site, at least two (2) weeks in advance of the meeting. If no e-mail is on hand, primary phone number will be used.
  7. It is the responsibility of all members to maintain a current and valid address and phone number, and e-mail address with the BSDL. Such e-mail address and phone numbers will be the primary contact information whenever it is deemed required by the league's laws to contact individuals. E-mail and phone numbers will never be given out or misused in any way within the BSDL

Article X




  1. Elections shall be held, when determined necessary, for the following positions: commissioner, assistant commissioner, secretary and league treasurer. The elections shall be held once every two years, and announcements for such will be made two (2) weeks prior to said elections.
  2. All elections shall be effective by secret ballot. It shall be the responsibility of the secretary (if one is already elected) to construct and distribute such a ballot.
  3. During the first election, separate ballots shall be held for, and in order of, commissioner and treasurer.
  4. Elections for said positions mentioned above shall be on the even- numbered years. All positions within the league shall be held for no more than two (2) years, unless voted into office again.

Article XI




  1. The Board is given full power to make, alter, amend or appeal any and all bylaws of the BSDL at any or all special meetings without giving prior notice of their intentions to do so. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the board is required to make, amend or repeal any or all bylaws of the BSDL.
  2. Rules and Regulations to supplement these bylaws shall be devised for the purpose of clarity and uniformity. Any additions, deletions or changes may be made according to the provisions set forth in section 1 of Article XI.

Article XII

Contracts and Agreements



  1. The Board shall have sole authority to enter into any contract and agreement in the name of the BSDL Such contracts and agreements must bear the signature of the league commissioner, and at least two (2) board members in order to make such contract or agreement binding upon the BSDL.

Article XIII




  1. All expenses that are to be paid must have full approval of the board in attendance at a board meeting.
  2. Any expenses required that of the league secretary shall be paid to him/ her, as long as a receipt is accountable for such expense and full approval of the board in attendance.
  3. An expense allowance as determined by simple majority vote, shall be allotted for refreshments at all board meetings, prior to or at the outset of each meeting.

Article XIV




  1. Policy changes and temporary rulings, as approved by a simple majority of the board, and general information will be in the form of announcements issued by the secretary. These policy changes and temporary rulings will be the responsibility of each league member to read such announcements.
  2. Rules: The BSDL rules are effective immediately upon being voted on by two-thirds (2/3) of the general membership. Changes and additions can be made and voted on by submitting the ruling in question accompanied by three (3) member's signatures. The new rule in question must be in writing when submitted. The rule or change will be voted on by the general members within two (2) weeks after submission.

Article XV

Remuneration of Officers



  1. The secretary shall be paid a sum determined by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the general members, only when such a position is required by the growth of the league.
  2. The current growth of the BSDL as of the year Two Thousand Two (2002) does not require more than the currently held position of commissioner and board members. Therefore no monies are to be paid out to him/ her except in the form of Article XIII, Section 2.